Wear Your Pirate Hat and Win

Hello Weevils, I have got great news for you. Starting today, you can earn some extra pirate gold and treasure in the Binscape if you are wearing your pirate hat.

pirate hat binweevils

If you are spotted wearing your pirate hat in the Binscape then you may just win some pirate treasure. SO grab your favorite pirate hat and wear it every where you go.

Don’t have a pirate hat yet? Don’t worry you still have time to buy one. You can buy a pirate hat at Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace. Once you have your hat then you are ready to join the party mate. The party is held on Wink’s Pirate Ship located on the Mulch Island beach.

Note that in order to board the Pirate ship you need to be a Bin Tycoon. If you are not a Bin Tycoon check out our pages on how to get a free Bin Tycoon membership. Arr!

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