top 10 things to do on binweevils

hi peeps

wow that came across weird anyway i will be showing some stuff to do  bin weevils


hanging around flum fountain


shopping with my buddies for nest items [i recommend netsco]


decorating nest  with pink fluffy stuff


have a quick snack at riggs cafe then go party with my buddies


having fun at the dirt valley against all my buddies and some guests eve though i never win


going holiday to mulch island were you can take part in sws missions what is always good fun to catch the baddies


doing SwS missions

thanks guys for reading i know i only got to four but i had to get going this has been a great experience to be here but am afraid it properly wont last all i want is to make people happy hopefully i did thanks everyone who read this and am not a pro but will approve so bye bye


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