Binweevils Weevil World Game App Cheats

Wow, do we have some exciting news for you. Binweevils is coming out with a new Weevil World game app and you can be a tester.

The new Weevil World game app cheats is a cool game that will be available on your mobile and hand held tablet devices.

weevil world game app cheats

This is the first time that Binweevils has ever created something like this and you can be the first to play it.

Binweevils Weevil World Game App Cheats

We don’t know a ton about the game yet as Binweevils just released the news of the game; however, we do know it will be a very fun game.

Once the game is released, we will have the new Binweevils Weevil World game app cheats right here for you.

If you would like to be a tester for this new game then head over to the Binweevils website, click on the new game link and sign up. You will be required to select your country, type in your email address and agree to the terms.

Once you do this, you may be selected by Binweevils to be a Weevil World game tester. As a tester, you will get to play the game for free before it even comes out. You will also be able to watch the trailer of the game before it is released as well.

How exciting is this? We have a feeling that this new Weevil World game will be a big hit with all of you. What do you think the game will consist of? Are you guys as excited as we are here at Binweevils World?

Let us know your thoughts about the new Binweevils Weevil World game app cheats that is coming soon by leaving a comment in the comment box below. We really can’t wait until the new game is released.

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