Binweevils Time Portal Cheats Explore The Past

You can now explore the past on Binweevils with the Time Portal cheats. Binweevils has finally unlocked this secret area of the map and now you can have fun playing here.

The Binweevils Time Portal cheats will take you back to the past like you have never seen it before. It is so cool that hundreds of your Binweevils friends are hanging out there.

binweevils time portal cheats

To access the Binweevils Time Portal area, click on the map and then click on the Bin Pets Paradise. When you are taken to the Bin Pets Paradise locate the portal and walk through it.

The portal has a green glowing light circling around it. It is hidden between the Pet Style shop and the BinPet Shop.

Binweevils Time Portal Cheats Explore The Past

Within the Time Portal you can hang out with other Weevils or play games agianst each other such as six ball, connect four and some others. This is truely a cool place to hang out and play.

We have hung out there a lot since the opening and have met a lot of new Binweevils friends. If you see us there, please ask us to be your friend. We will add you as well!

Check out our cool Binweevils Time Portal cheats video to see what this new Binweevils area of the map looks like. After watching the video head over to play the game and to check out the new addition to the game.

We hope you enjoy this new add on that Binwevils has put out today. Let us know what you think about the new Binweevils Time Portal by leaving a comment below.

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