The Super Antenna and Super Legs Quest Cheats

The new Super Antenna and Super Legs Quest is now available on Binweevils. This special quest was just released on October 1st and you can play it by heading over to Mulch Island.

super antenna and super legs binweevils quest

Throughout the quest there are six hidden keys and chests in which a new key will be released every 2 days.

That means you can’t just complete the entire Binweevils quest all at once, instead you must complete it over a span of 12 days.

The best part about the new Binweevils Super Antenna and Super Legs quest is that you get to collect amazing awards as you complete the quest.

Watch the video below to get the Super Antenna and Super Legs quest cheats as we have already completed the quest.

We hope you enjoy this new Binweevils quest as much as we did. We regret to tell you that you have to be a Binweevils member inorder to play this unique quest.

If you are not a member then check out our Binweevils Free Membership hack page here. Leave a comment below to let us know what your favorite part about this quest was. How far along are you on this quest and what prizes did you get?

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