Binweevils Mulch Dig Cheats Free Mulch

There is a new game on Binweevils called the Mulch Dig where you can get free mulch every day.

This is a big new event for this game and its a lot of fun. Now you have another way to get free mulch every day.

Mulch Dig is a game where you get to dig for free mulch and other unique items. The game is held on Mulch Island and you can only play once per day.

You can try to uncover and or shovels for extra digs. Members get twice as many digs as none members.

Binweevils Mulch Dig Cheats Free Mulch

The objective is to find as many hidden items under the sand as possible in ten seconds with your radar gun.

If you know where the objects are then you won’t waist digs trying to find new items like we did in the video.

If you dig up a shovel you will get extra digs and if you dig up mulch or dosh they will be added to your account right away.

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