Binweevils Good Vs WeEvil Case File Cheats

Hey Weevils, there is a new mission that everyone can participate in and its called the Binweevils Good vs WeEvil case file.

binweevils good vs weevil case

The best part about this mission is that anyone can play it even if you are not a member. This case is a little different from most and that’s because its close to Halloween!

The so called WeEvils are out full force destroying things and Binweevils needs your help. You need to try to stop them before its to late. Do you think you can handle the mission?

Head on over to the SWS Head Quarters at Castle Gam to accept the mission if you think you are ready. The Good vs WeEvil case is waiting for you to complete it. Good luck my fellow Weevils.

Check out the video of the Binweevils Good vs WeEvil walkthrough mission. This may help you complete the mission a little easier by watching it first.

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Binweevils Game Down For Construction

So unfortunately, right now you can’t login to play Binweevils. We have been told that it will be a couple days before the Binweevils is up and running.

The reason for this down time? Well, there is great news for you Binweevil fans. Even though the game is unavailable right now, its because they are working on a new major updates to the game.

binweevils update

We are not sure what the big updates are but we are very excited. The Binweevils team has promised us that it is going to be something great. We can’t wait until the construction is done and we get to play the game with the new Binweevils updates.

Binweevils Update

We do have a sneak peak of what the new update looks like and we have the picture for you below.

There is a little hint left behind by the Binweevils team and it says ” have you ever wondered how you arrived in the Binscape?” Hmmm, we are not sure what that means but maybe we get to play on a different planet or something.

What do you guys think the new update will be and are you as excited as we are for this new update? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Binweevils Clarks Adventure Log Jam Cheats

The new Binweevils Clarks Adventure is finally here with new games to play and new key pieces to collect. One of the ways to get key pieces is to get three stars in all the new games. One of the new games is the Log Jam game and it is a lot of fun.

binweevils log jam cheats

This game requires you to move the logs around so you create an opening for the Weevil to float out to the exit.

The higher the level the more difficult the game gets. Each level takes a certain amount of skill and creativity. To learn how to beat all the levels click on the link below and watch the video.

Binweevils Log Jam Cheats

This short video shows you how to beat every level getting your three stars. If this video has helped you beat the game then please like it and leave a comment on the bottom of the video.

Good luck everyone, and leave a comment below if you have any questions about the game.

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Binweevils Funhouse Cheats

Hey Binweevils fans, the new Funhouse is now open at Binweevils. Just like at a regular fair where they have fun houses to walk around in, you can now do that with your Weevil in this game.

binweevils funhouse

This new addition is really fun to play in. We have already spent hours playing in the new funhouse. There are many things you can do in the funhouse such as riding down slides, playing in the slime and even walking through a maze while collecting free mulch.

If you have not checked out the new Funhouse then we recommend you to do so right now. Check out the video below if you want some Binweevils Funhouse cheats. This video will give you a walkthrough of what the funhouse actually looks like and what you can do with it.

You can also meet other Weevil players there as well as this is a popular hang out place right now. So go on now, and check out the new Funhouse on Binweevils. You will love it with all the features it has to offer.

Until next time from the one and only TopDog360 here at Binweevils World.

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Binweevils Mulch Dig Cheats Free Mulch

There is a new game on Binweevils called the Mulch Dig where you can get free mulch every day.

This is a big new event for this game and its a lot of fun. Now you have another way to get free mulch every day.

Mulch Dig is a game where you get to dig for free mulch and other unique items. The game is held on Mulch Island and you can only play once per day.

You can try to uncover and or shovels for extra digs. Members get twice as many digs as none members.

Binweevils Mulch Dig Cheats Free Mulch

The objective is to find as many hidden items under the sand as possible in ten seconds with your radar gun.

If you know where the objects are then you won’t waist digs trying to find new items like we did in the video.

If you dig up a shovel you will get extra digs and if you dig up mulch or dosh they will be added to your account right away.

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