SWS Vs WEB Holiday Weekend Hat Sale

Hey everyone, this weekend is a big holiday and Binweevils wants to celebrate it with you by providing a Bank Holiday Weekend Hat Sale for you.

There are several items on sale until the 26th of May so you have to act fast. The first item listed for sale is Gam’s Hat.

gam's hat

You can now purchase Gam’s Hat for just 15 Dosh instead of the regular price of 30 Dosh. That is a total of 50% off from the regular price. You won’t find any cheaper price than this!

Another item on sale is the SWS Hat which is now only 7 Dosh coins instead of 15 Dosh. That is another savings of 50%! Wow, you can’t find anything that cheap!

sws hat

The last item on sale for the SWS vs WEB Holiday Weekend hat sale is the Thugg Bowler Hat. You can now purchase this hat for only 5 Dosh coins compared to its regular price of 10 Dosh.

thugg bowler hat

You would be nuts not to buy all three of these hats this weekend. Remember, you only have until May 26th to purchase these hats for this sale price! Hurry up and buy them Weevils!

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