Stamp Binweevils BinCard To Level Up Faster

Did you know that you can level up faster on Bin Weevils by stamping your BinCard? Well, now you do! Leveling up is a vital part of playing Bin Weevils because it gives you access to new items and puzzles.

It is important to level up as fast as you can so you can take advantage of these new features. One way you can level up fast is by stamping your BinCard. By stamping a space marked with a star on the BinCard you can unlcok some extra bonus XP. If you are a Bin Tycoon Member, you can stamp your BinCard every day for a free gift!

binweevils bincard

There are a lot of different things that you can earn when you stamp your card. You can get extra XP, Mulch and Dosh, collect puzzle pieces to get exclusive nest items, get a VIP seed for your garden or even get some vouchers to go shopping.

If you haven’t been taking advantage of your BinCard then head over to Bin Weevils right away and start stamping. Before you know it, you will have earned yourself some free prizes.

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