New Sink’s Submarine Game Cheats

Binweevils has come out with another new game called the Sink’s Submarine and it is packed with a lot of fun.

The best part is that Bin Tycoons members get early access to play this game. The hatch is now open to the Sink’s Submarine so scurry on over there to play.

Once inside the Binweevils submarine you will first find the control room. To play the game just take your seat at one of the Sink’s Ships game stations, place your ships anywhere on the grid and wait for your opponent.

You and your opponent will take turns firing at each other, trying to sink each other’s submarine.

If you are the winner of the Sink’s Submarine battle you will collect XP and Mulch. We all know how important XP and Mulch are so head on over to win your first Sink’s Submarine battle against your opponent.

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