Safer Internet day 2014

Binweevils has announced that it is celebrating Safer Internet Day 2014 with all of you guys. That means you might be able to win a prize if you participate. So what do you have to do to get  a free Binweevils prize? Take a look below to find out!

Bin Weevils Safer Internet Day

Binweevils wants you to be safe while playing on the internet so they are doing something fun for you. If you take the Safer Internet Day Quiz and get the answers right you will get  a code for a new mystery nest item. How cool is that?

binweevils safer internet day quiz

We will also take the quiz and put the code on YouTube; however, you should take it by yourself so you know what to do on the internet to stay safe.

Remember, never give out your password to anyone on the internet even if the person is your friend. Let us know how you did on the quiz and your thoughts of Safer Internet Day by leaving a comment below.

Below you will find the quiz. When you are done taking the quiz and get all the answers head over to the Binweevils website and type the code into the generator to get your free nest item.

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  1. hf556 says:

    Congratulations, you are in the Bin Weevil Company Awards for best blog.

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