Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade Now Open!

The time is finally here that the Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade is now open! Now you can play arcade games right on Bin Weevils. How amazing is that? You can even challenge your Bin Weevils friends for the top of the leaderboard on four different game machines.

binweevils ram's pop-up arcade








To enter the Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade locate the Flem Manor and look directly in front of it. Then click on the small arcade building and Bin Weevils will take you there.

Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade gives yo the option to vote daily for your favorite game. Just simply click on the VOTE star and it will take you to a pop up screen of which game you would like to vote for your favorite.

Make sure to vote, because the game with the least amount of votes will be replaced with another game after the first round. You don’t want your game to be replaced do you? Then vote now!

binweevils ram's pop up arcade voteTell us what your favorite game is by leaving a comment below. Let us know what your highest score is as well to start a little competition. Have fun all you Weevils.

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