Pirate XP Potions On Sale

Hello Weevils, for a limited time only the Pirate XP potions are on sale at the store. These potions are used to help you instantly give you an XP boost to level up.

One of the main attractions at Bin Weevils is to level up your Weevil as much as you can to show off to your friends. With the Pirate XP potions being on sale this is your best chance to level up instantly.

To party with the Pirates and get some XP potions hop on a flight to Mulch Island. Then jump on the speedboat and it will take you to the party. You will have the best time ever with the pirates.

Head over there right now to party and to level up your Weevil.

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One Response to Pirate XP Potions On Sale

  1. cherry6585 says:

    dosh codes dint work

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