New Rigg’s Movie Multiplex

Hey there Weevils, this is TopDog360 from Binweevils and we have great news for all of you today.

June is packed with a bunch of new stuff but one of the biggest things is the new Binweevils Rigg’s Movie Multiplex theater.

riggs movie multiplex

This is one of the biggest new features added to Binweevils since the changing of the new look a couple months ago.

When you go to Rigg’s Movie Multiplex you have several options of what you can do. You can either watch TV shows, shop for Home Cinema items and can even collect your earnings at the Cash Machine.

It sounds like a lot of fun and will surely be a place where there will be a bunch of Weevils hanging out and playing.

We hope to see all of you there and don’t forget to add us to your friends list when you see us. We love meeting new Weevils!

From TopDog360

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