New Binweevils Nest Item Code May 3

Hello all you Binweevils fans, we have some great news. There is a new Binweevils nest item code that just came out.

Binweevils doesn’t put out a ton of codes; however, when they do its very exciting. With this new Binweevils code you can get a unique nest item.

Binweevils nest item code

We got this code by participating in the Binweevils weekend puzzle challenge. All you have to do is help zing find the correct paths for circuts 1,2 and 3. It is not that hard, but anyways we will tell you what the code is so you can just type it in the Binweevils code generator.

Binweevils Nest Item Code

The Binweevils secret code to type in is CDALIGHTSON. To get your free nest item click on the “Secret Code” button below your nest. This will take you to the place where you can then enter the code.

We hope you enjoy your free nest item with this code. Make sure to like our Facebook page, Twitter page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the Binweevils codes, cheats and secrets.

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