Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies case File Cheats

Here are some of the best Binweevils Spies Case file tips that you can use while trying to complete the different case files.

Game 1 in Case File 2 – Secret Shot Blaster

To be successful here you have to be patient when shooting the cameras. Only shoot one at a time  and don’t forget to convert the shot blaster back to a bag before the pesky thugg turns around.

Game 2 in Case File 2 – Secret Shot Blaster

The more times you play this case file the easier it gets. Each time you lose and have to start over the darts are in the same position as last game. Once you learn where the right words are located you should be able to complete this case file easily.

Game 1 in Case File 2 – Secret Shot Blaster

When you see the red light flashing from the carmeras make sure to hide your blaster.

Game 3 in Case File 1 – Strongheart Bow

If you have practiced enough and have become a sharp shooter like us here at BinweevilsWorld then you can blast all the Thuggs before they throw a single water balloon.

We hope these Binweevils tips and secrets have helped you beat these case files. If you about some more tips that you would like to share with us then please leave a comment below. We would love to add them to this fun list.


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