Find Smurfette Cheats – Binweevils The Smurfs 2

Hey everyone! TopDog360 here with some help for finding Smurfette within Binweevils! This small mission has you looking around Binweevils for Smurfette. You need to help Papa Smurf and the rest of the gang find her because she is off with the Naughties and causing chaos around the Bin.

Find Smurfette Cheats

So let’s get to the first clue! You can find this in Flem Manor. Just click on the hole in the ground that says The Smurfs 2! Once you do that you will see something pop up that looks like the image below.
Find Smurfette 1

That’s clue 1! It looks like Smurfette has been here and it’s now time to find clue number 2!  For this clue, lets go to Rigg’s Movie Multiplex. You will find another hole in the ground here. Click on it and another image will pop up.

Find Smurfette 2

Smurfette has been here as well! Now that we have found clue number 2 and are hot on Smurfettes trail, lets get clue number 3. Head on over to Gongs Pipenest. You will see yet another hole in the ground which you need to click on! Here is clue number 3.

Find Smurfette 3

Now there is onlyone final clue to find until we find Smurfette! Let’s go over to the Shopping Mall for the final clue! Click on the hole once again that says The Smurfs 2 and here is the final clue!

Find Smurfette 4

Now that you have found her, head on over to Paris to actually see her!

Find Smurfette 5

I hope I helped you find Smurfette! That was fun so next time there is a little scavenger hunt, don’t forget to come back and join me for it!

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