Dosh’s Palace Cheats

So many people want to change the Dosh Palace but don’t know how but with our Dosh’s Palace cheat you can change the look of the palace. So you may be wondering how you can change the look. It is actually easier than you may think and all you will have to do is click a couple buttons.

Dosh’s Palace Cheats








To change the look on the outside of the palace you need to click on all the rubies on the outside. There will be many rubies on the outside wall of the palace for you to click on. Once you click on all the rubies, the Dosh Palace will then change to a greenish jewel color. Watch the video below to see exactly what happens to Dosh’s Palace and cool it is when it transforms.

If you now of any other Dosh’s Palace cheats we invite you to leave a comment below to share with our visitors. What do you think of the new Dosh’s Palace look after you click on all the rubies?

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    i love how it transformes!

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    everything is AWESOME

  7. jodie says:

    codes for bin tycoon plz help love you xxx

  8. jodie says:

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