Binweevils Good Vs WeEvil Case File Cheats

Hey Weevils, there is a new mission that everyone can participate in and its called the Binweevils Good vs WeEvil case file.

binweevils good vs weevil case

The best part about this mission is that anyone can play it even if you are not a member. This case is a little different from most and that’s because its close to Halloween!

The so called WeEvils are out full force destroying things and Binweevils needs your help. You need to try to stop them before its to late. Do you think you can handle the mission?

Head on over to the SWS Head Quarters at Castle Gam to accept the mission if you think you are ready. The Good vs WeEvil case is waiting for you to complete it. Good luck my fellow Weevils.

Check out the video of the Binweevils Good vs WeEvil walkthrough mission. This may help you complete the mission a little easier by watching it first.

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The Super Antenna and Super Legs Quest Cheats

The new Super Antenna and Super Legs Quest is now available on Binweevils. This special quest was just released on October 1st and you can play it by heading over to Mulch Island.

super antenna and super legs binweevils quest

Throughout the quest there are six hidden keys and chests in which a new key will be released every 2 days.

That means you can’t just complete the entire Binweevils quest all at once, instead you must complete it over a span of 12 days.

The best part about the new Binweevils Super Antenna and Super Legs quest is that you get to collect amazing awards as you complete the quest.

Watch the video below to get the Super Antenna and Super Legs quest cheats as we have already completed the quest.

We hope you enjoy this new Binweevils quest as much as we did. We regret to tell you that you have to be a Binweevils member inorder to play this unique quest.

If you are not a member then check out our Binweevils Free Membership hack page here. Leave a comment below to let us know what your favorite part about this quest was. How far along are you on this quest and what prizes did you get?

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Binweevils Skylanders Hunt Cheats 2014

Here are the Binweevils Skylanders hunt cheats to find all the soldiers around the Binweevils map. If you are stuck just take a look at these cheats to help you find them all.

Don’t forget that for every piece you find, you will get free mulch to spend on nest items, food and power. You should try to complete every hunt that is made available to you to level up faster.

There are 5 Skylanders Swap Force figures to find around Binweevils map. They are not that difficult but here are the places you can find them anyways.

When you find all of them you will get a ton of mulch so that’s why we always encourage our visitors to participate in these Binweevils hunts.

Binweevils Skylanders Hunt Cheats

You can find the first figurine called the Spy Bomb by clicking on the Shopping mall on the map. The Spy Bomb will be sitting just outside the mall.

binweevils skylanders hunt

Next, you will find Rubble Shadow sitting just outside Rums Airport. Rubble Shadow will be laying in the bushes directly in front of the airport.

binweevils skylanders hunt

The third Skylander is in the Castle Gam. When you click on the Castle Gam the Skylander, Stink Rise will be standing right in front of the main castle building.

binweevils skylanders hunt

The fourth Skylander, Trap Blade will be in the Lab’s Lab. You can’t miss this Skylander as he is right in the middle directly in front of the blue tube.

binweevils skylanders hunt

The final Skylander is a bit harder to find, at least we thought it was. Freeze Rouser is in the Dosh’s Palace on the right side of the big egg. We didn’t see it at first because it blends in really well.

binweevils skylanders hunt

Congratulations, you just completed the hunt and have been awarded a bunch of mulch. You can check out the Skylanders commercial by heading over to the Flem Manor. We hope you enjoyed using these Binweevils Skylanders hunt cheats. Make sure to check out our other Binweevils cheats and codes as weel.

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Binweevils The Great Egg Hunt Cheats Coming Soon

Wow, we have some great news guys! I just saw that Binweevils is bringing the Great Egg hunt back and it will be available soon for everyone to participate in.

We believe this Binweevils The Great Egg hunt will be similar to last years but ovbously the eggs will be in different spots. We can’t wait until this comes out so we can hunt for eggs.

Are you guys as excited to participate in this year’s Binweevils egg hunt as we are? What are your thoughts about this particular Binweevils hunt? Let us know what you think of all this by leaving a comment below.
binweevils the great egg hunt

Don’t forget to check out all of our Binweevils hunts cheats walkthrough videos so you can level up faster.

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Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers Walkthrough

The complete Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers walkthrough is ready for all you Binweevils players out there trying to save the city. This walkthrough and mission is a lot shorter than many other missions; however, it really tests your skills with your water gun. Read the text and watch the video below to get the full Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers walkthrough.

Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers walkthrough

The complete the first part of the mission and to capture all the evil weevils shoot your water gun at the box hanging from the curtain. When you fill the box with water it will break the lighting rack and will trap the evil weevils.

The second part of the Binweevils mission 4 is just as easy. All you need to do is shoot your water gun towards the flower pots to fill them up with water. Yes, you have guessed it right. When you fill them up with water the flower pots will fall on the evil weevils heads and knock them out. You can now proceed to part three of the mission. If you are confused about the first two parts of this mission watch the Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers walkthrough video.

Before you enter the doors you have to connect all the wires to each other. Rather then try to explain what pieces to put where we recommend you to just watch the Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers walkthrough video and see where we put all the pieces to open the door.

When you get through the doors you should see a weevil trapped in a web. To get him out you have to shoot your water gun towards the vending machine to fill it up with water. This will in return break the game machine and will release a new water gun that can break webs. Use this gun to release the weevil.

You are now ready to release the three weevils from Weevil X. This is a tricky part and you need to have a strategy before you just go shooting the webs down. You have to shoot the web down so the weevils fall into the SWS agent’s arm. If you don’t then Weevil X will reclaim his hostages. Watch the Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers walkthrough video to see how we released the weevils from Weevil X.

Binweevils Mission 4 Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers Walkthrough Video

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