Build a Snow Weevil Cheats

So as some of you may know, you can build a Snow Weevil on Binweevils at the Winter Wonderland right now.

Building the Snow Weevil isn’t as easy as you may think because you have to look at each piece’s clue and to figure out where it is hidden around the Binscape.

build a snow weevil

There are a total of ten pieces to collect before you can get the free Snow Weevil garden item and dance move.

Lucky for you we already found all the pieces and have revealed their spots to you down below. You can also watch the video we created to find all the pieces as well as this video is a complete Snow Weevil walkthrough.

Build a Snow Weevil Cheats

The first piece is in the Club Fling and to get it you have to sit in the DJ box and click on one of the buttons. Then the snow ball will drop and you and click on it.

The second piece is in the Shopping Mall on the second floor acting to be part of the Bin Pets Paradise eye.

The third piece in the Winter Wonderland on the top right of the playing screen just above the trees. It looks like an SWS badge.

The fourth piece is in Tinks Tree but to make it fall you have to climb up the tree and onto the branch to the right of it.

The fifth piece is in the Pool hall next to the pool sticks.

The sixth piece is found in Dosh’s Palace as two big fish eyes.

The seventh piece is is found in the Bin Pet Paradise. The carrot is being held up by a Bin Pet statue in front of this area.

The eighth piece is in Tum’s Diner and you can get it by clicking on the ice cream machine.

The ninth piece is in the Nest area where you can play with other friends. You should see the scarf on a nest to the left of the playing screen.

The tenth item is on the beginning of the path to the Gam Castle. There is a Bin Pet statue wearing a hat.


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