Binweevils Wordsearch Answers

There are 35 Binweevils Wordsearches within the game. They seem to get harder as you get down the list! For all the answers and where to find all the words, check out the images below! You will find them all and not have to spend the time of actually looking for them!

wordsearch cheats

Completing wordsearches gives you 10 mulch and 1 xp for each word you find within each wordsearch. There are 20 words to find within each one! That is 200 mulch and 20 xp that you can earn for completing a wordsearch! Not only that, but you also get an extra 100 mulch and 10 xp for completing the full wordsearch! So what are you waiting for? Check out the wordsearch cheats and answers below!

Wordsearch Answers Levels 1 – 9

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Ball Games

Try to find any name of a game that you use a ball while playing!
wordsearch ball games

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Pets

Think of a pet that you might own and find that animal!
wordsearch pets

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Flowers

Know of any flower names? Try to find 20 different flower names on this one!
wordsearch Flowers

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Body Talk

Basically you are looking for the names of your body parts here!
wordsearch Body talk

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Weather

Any word that you can relate to weather will mostly likely be one you want to circle!
wordsearch weather

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Eat Your Greens

Do you like vegetables? Find the names of the most common veges in this one!
wordsearch eat your greens

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Musical Instruments

Any instrument that can be used to make music might be in this word search!
wordsearch musical

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Recycling

Words that relate to recycling are the ones you want to keep an eye out for here!
wordsearch recycling

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Party Time

A party themed wordsearch!? What is better than that?
wordsearch party time

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Football Frenzy

Any word that you can think of that has to do with the game of Football is likely to be in this search!

wordsearch football

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Halloween

Remember that day of the year that you fill bags full of candy!

wordsearch halloween

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Ice Cream Flavours

The best treat in the world! Can you find all of the flavours that you love?

wordsearch ice cream

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Art Attack

Any word that you can think of in regards to Art!

wordsearch art

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers African Countries

Find all of the countries in Africa! Can you do it?

african countries

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Monopoly

You know the game Monopoly right? Find everything that relates to it in this wordsearch.


Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Languages

Look for all of the different languages here. Can you find them all?


Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Fiesta

Any word that relates to a Fiesta could be in this puzzle.


Binweevils Wordsearch Answers W is For…

Words that start with the letter W. This one was pretty easy!

w is for

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Fairy Tale

Think about your favorite fairy tale and the words that you relate to it!


Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Top Secret

Planning on going on a top secret mission? These words will all relate to it!

top secret

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers School

You are at school all the time so this one should be easy for you.


Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Sea Life

Ever been to the Ocean? If you have then this puzzle should be easy for you!

Sea Life

Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Tennis

When playing the game of Tennis, you might run into all of these words.


Binweevils Wordsearch Answers Science Lab

The Science Lab is where all of the research happens. Find the words and become a scientist expert!

Science Lab

That is all of the wordsearches for level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5, level 6, level 7, level 8, and level 9. Check this page out for complete wordsearch answers and cheats for levels 10 – 35! I will have them up as soon as I can. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and checkout my Facebook page!

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