Binweevils Submarine Nest Items On Sale

Right now there are a bunch of new Binweevils Submarine nest items on sale. If you are looking to buy new nest items to stand out from the croud then this is your chance to act upon it.

It seems like Binweevils has a submarine theme going for the month of March and has even created a new game that you can play on Binweevils called the Sink’s Submarine.

The first Binweevils submarine nest item that is on sale is called the Octopus Porthole. If you hang this nest item it looks like there is an Octopus coming through the wall.

octopus porthole

The second item for sale is a Sea Creatures Wallpaper. This wallpaper can be added to one of your nest rooms. it is black with a bunch of different Sea Creatures on it. It looks really cool!

Do you want to be a Sub Commander? If so then you need to buy the new Sub Commander Chair and put it in your nest.

sub commander chair

Some other items that are on sale include the Submarine Lamp and the Sinking Light Bulbs that you can hang.

There will be more Submarine nest items for sale later in the month but you can get a great start buy purchasing these first.

Let us know what you think of these new nest items by leaving a comment below.

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