Binweevils Operation Thugg Hunt

There is a new Binweevils Operation called the Thugg Hunt and its a very exciting one.

Binweevils wants to tell its fellow Agents to report for duty. The team has detected W.E.B across the Bin and they need your help.

binweevils thugg hunt

Supposedly, the W.E.B have managed to steal some of the ingredients for Gam’s birthday cake and its urgent that you find them for him.

You must find the Thuggs that stole the ingredients as soon as possible. For those of you that find all the Thuggs and ingredients will be rewarded with a special cake and Bin Tycoons will receive an extra reward.

Hurry up and act now to get your reward. If you need help check out our Binweevils Operations Thugg Hunt walkthrough video.

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