Binweevils October Events 2014

October is one of the best months on Binweevils because there is so much going on. Below is a fun filled sneak peak list of things going on through out the month of October on Binweevils.

You really don’t want to miss out on Binweevils this month so we have provided this list to ensure that you are on top of it.

Binweevils October Highlights

The new Super Antenna & Super Legs Quest is in full force right now. Ever two days, Binweevils releases a new key in which you need to find a chest for. Find the right chest and get a nice free prize. You can play this quest from Oct. 1st to the 22nd.

oct event 1

Get the latest new Spooky nest items at the Halloween shop from Oct. 1st to the 31st. They have some awesome items that you can purchase so head on over there.

oct event 2

The Dosh’s Palace Design competition is taking place right now. Do you have what it takes to make the coolest design for Dosh’s Palace. If so, then head over there right now and find out the details on how you can win. This competition ends on Oct. 15th.

oct event 3

The Halloween Party is almost here for you to test your bravery. We are unsure when the party will be opened to Binweevils players but we do know that it will be one scary party. Enter the party at your own risk!

oct event 4

The Celebrity Hide N’ Seek is open from Oct 7th to the 19th. The objective of this event is to find Tink or Clott in the Binscape for a chance to visit their Nest. How cool would that be to see their nest?

oct event 5

Like we said, there are a ton of fun events going on this month so don’t miss out. Let us know what your favorite event is by leaving a comment below. We hope you enjoy this month as much as we do.


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