Binweevils New Flem Manor Look

There is a lot of new stuff happening on Binweevils right now and the latest is the new look of the Flem Manor.

If you haven’t checked out the new Flem Manor on Binweevils then you need to as soon as you can. It is twice as better as it was before and there are so many new features added to it.

binweevils flem manor

This is now the best mansion in the Binscape, well according to some of the Binweevils players. Some love the new Flem Manor while others don’t.

I guess you will have to check it out for yourself to see if you like the new Flem Manor or not. Regardless, the Binweevils team took a while to build it and to make it look really cool.

let us know what you think of the new Binweevils Flem Manor by leaving a comment below.

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