BinWeevils Mission Walkthroughs

Welcome to the BinWeevils mission walkthroughs page. Here we have a collection of all the BinWeevils walkthroughs that are teams has done. As we do with all of our mission walkthroughs, we provide our visitors with a text and a video version to better help you out encase you are confused about something. To get access to all of our BinWeevils Mission walkthroughs take a look below.

BinWeevils Mission Walkthroughs

BinWeevils mission 1 walkthrough the Lost Bin Pet starts you off by flying over to Mulch Island to find the Bin Pet that was taken. To pass part 1 you must find all the missing tablet pieces and piece it back together. Then you must solve each puzzle to make it to the next room in order to catch the criminal. He is only a few steps ahead of you, but you need to act fast in order to catch him Do you think you can do it?

BinWeevils mission 2 walkthrough the Hunt for Weevil X is a harder mission to complete than mission 1; however, many say it is a lot more fun to play. This mission consists of several islands in which you get to drive your speed boat to while collecting hidden items. If you think you have what it takes to defeat multiple guards with your gun and destroy the tower than try this mission!

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