Binweevils Membership Offer

Hello everyone, we have great news. Binweevils came out with an exclusive Binweevils Membership offer that you can’t pass up. If you don’t have a membership then its the perfect time to get one.

For an entire month starting on the 17th of February until the 20th of March you can get 3 one month membership cards for the price of 2. That’s right, you can get one Binweevils membership for free now when you buy two.

binweevils membership offer

I am sad to say that this offer is only being held in the UK. Sorry United States, you will still have to pay full price; however, Binweevils is always trying to come out with new offers so keep any eye out for more in the near future.

Binweevils Membership Offer Includes:

With a membership, you get access to many great features. These features include the following:

  • Exclusive nest items
  • Get to be an SWS Agent and gain access to Missions
  • Expand your nest
  • Monthly allowance of Dosh Coins
  • Adopt a Bin Pet
  • Earn mulch through your own businesses
  • Win trophies

There are many more features as well but these are most of them. So what are you waiting for? Get your Binweevils membership today and get one free.

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