Binweevils Jack O Lantern Hunt Cheats

Here are the Binweevils Jack O Lantern Hunt cheats to help you find all five pumpkins. Each pumpkin unlocks a free Plushi that you can hang on the wall in one of your rooms in the Nest.

This Binweevils hunt shouldn’t take you very long as long as you follow our walkthrough cheats guide. This should only take a couple minutes and then you will get your free prizes. Let’s get started shall we!

Binweevils Jack O Lantern Hunt Cheats

You can get the clues by clicking on the individual pumpkins.

The first clue for the first pumpkin is “Where can you shop til you drop?” Well that’s easy right! Head on over to the shopping mall and you will see the Jack O Lantern laying right next to the ATM.

The second clue for the second pumpkin is “Where can you read Best Nest, while also having a rest?” Ok, let’s go to the Weevil Post in which you will find the second pumpkin laying there on the floor behind you.

The third clue is ” Where can you play games underwater but not get wet?” This one was a little tricky at first but it makes perfect sense. Go to the submarine like you are going to play the game battleship. You will see the pumpkin next to the captains chair.

The fourth clue is ” Where can you race free, on tracks that aren’t 1, 2 or 3? Go to the race track and click on the Track Builder. I think you will be surprised at what you might find!

The last clue to find the last pumpkin is ” Where is there a secret missions HQ, that is not so secret?” Alright, all you have to do here is head to the Castle Gem and go to the headquarters and you will find the last Jack O Lantern laying on the table.

Well, there you have my little Weevils. We hope you enjoyed this Jack O Lantern Hunt cheats walkthrough and hope you enjoy your new Plushies.

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