Binweevils Game Down For Construction

So unfortunately, right now you can’t login to play Binweevils. We have been told that it will be a couple days before the Binweevils is up and running.

The reason for this down time? Well, there is great news for you Binweevil fans. Even though the game is unavailable right now, its because they are working on a new major updates to the game.

binweevils update

We are not sure what the big updates are but we are very excited. The Binweevils team has promised us that it is going to be something great. We can’t wait until the construction is done and we get to play the game with the new Binweevils updates.

Binweevils Update

We do have a sneak peak of what the new update looks like and we have the picture for you below.

There is a little hint left behind by the Binweevils team and it says ” have you ever wondered how you arrived in the Binscape?” Hmmm, we are not sure what that means but maybe we get to play on a different planet or something.

What do you guys think the new update will be and are you as excited as we are for this new update? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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