Binweevils Free Dosh Cheats December

It is December and that means it is one of the best months to play on Binweevils. During the month of December Binweevils gets very generous in giving their players Dosh coins.

Well, we are going to make sure you know how to get the Binweevils free dosh coins this month so you don’t miss out.

binweevils free dosh

To get the free dosh you need to use your Binweevils Advent Calandar. When you open up the calendar you can click on the number that goes along with the date.

If you are a Binweevils member you can click on any of the past dates that you have missed; however, if you are not a member than you only get to click on the present dates so if you missed any days you are out of luck.

Through out the calendar are free Binweevils Dosh coins that you can get. On the date that we wrote this ( December 1st) we open up the first box and received 20 Dosh coins.

Not every day will be free dosh but it may be free Mulch coins, or other free nest items. There are 15 exclusive nest items, 2 exclusive garden items, 100 Dosh coins, 3000 Mulch coins and 300 xp that you can get by opening every box up on the Advent Calendar.

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