Binweevils Dosh’s Palace Easter Egg Competition 2015

It is that time of year again to start celebrating Easter and there is nothing better than joining the Binweevils Dosh’ Palcace Easter Egg competition.

If you have participated in this Binweevils competition before than you know what to do. If you are knew to the game then follow the instructions below.

First head over our Binweevils main site and download the printable template of Dosh’s Palace.

binweevils easter egg competition

Next, its time to use your imagaination. You can use whatever you would like to decorate your Easter egg including paint, colour and glitter.

When you are done you need to enter your painting or coloring into the contest. To do so, you email your artwork to

Don’t forget to include your Binweevils username or you will not get credit for the art work that you have done.

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