Binweevils Crossword Answers

Binweevils crossword answers level 1 – General Crossword


Starting from the top on “Across” –

Someone who flies a plane is called: Pilot

This season comes after summer: Autumn

A tree trunk is covered with this: Bark

You wear these to protect your eyes from the sun: Sunglasses

Three plus four equals this: Seven

A king or queen wears this on their head: Crown

Now starting from the top on “Down” –

You stick this to a letter before mailing it: Stamp

Another word for a silly trick you play on someone: Prank

these tiny ice crystals fall from the sky in the winter: Snowflakes

A tricycle has three of these: Wheels

you blow these out on top of a cake: Candles

Ice Cream is sometime served on this: Cone

If you put some toppings between two pieces of bread, you get this: Sandwich

The opposite of west: East

you put a pair of these on before your shoes: Socks

That’s it for crossword 1! If you have questions on any of the answers let me know!

Binweevils crossword answers level 2 – Opposites


Answers starting from “Across” on the top –

The opposite of large: Small

The opposite of loud: Quiet

The opposite of rude: Polite

The opposite of possible: Impossible

The opposite of neat: Messy

The opposite of asleep: Awake

The opposite of late: Early

The opposite of wet: Dry

The opposite of last: First

Now the answers for “Down” starting from the top –

The opposite of full: Empty

The opposite of high: Low

The opposite of day: Night

The opposite of open: Closed

The opposite of outside: Inside

The opposite of above: Below

The opposite of hot: Cold

The opposite of difficult: Easy


Now you are done with crossword two! What are you going to do with all that mulch?

Binweevils crossword answers level 3 – The Great Outdoors


Let’s start with “Across” from the top –

At night, you see this round disc shining: Moon

An underground tunnel that an animal lives in: Burrow

You can find these small objects along the seashore: Shells

This animal is sometimes called the kind of the jungle: Lion

You hear this sound when you see lighting: Thunder

This plant doesn’t need much water and can grow in the desert: Cactus

Fish, frogs and jellyfish all do this: Swim

A tiny acron can gro into this: Tree

This animal has long ears and hops fast: Rabbit

Baby birds hatch out of these: Eggs

Now to do the “Down” words form the top –

Kangaroos carry their babies around in this: Pouch

This fruit is named after its colour: Orange

This sea creature can grow bigger than several elephants: Whale

They’re fluffy and can be seen floating in the sky: Clouds

the home that a bird builds: Nest

This slithery creature doesn’t have feet: Snakes

This ribbon of colours appears in the sky after a rainstorm: Rainbow

Lots of people like to wish on one of these: Star

It winds along carrying water to the ocean: River

You plant and water it to grow a flower: Seed


Crossword three is complete! How did you do?

Binweevils crossword answers level 4 – Jobs and Work


“Across” words starting from the top –

This person knows everything about car engines: Mechanic

A doctor who performs surgery is called this: Surgeon

Another word for a writer: Author

This person takes care of your teeth: Dentist

A builder uses this to put nails into place: Hammer

Someone who does sport for a living is called this: Athlete

Cakes, bread, and bisquits are made here: Bakery

A photographer always has one of these on hand: Camera

“Down” words from the top –

A special outfit that you have to wear to work or school: Uniform

You use this to type when working on the computer: Keyboard

An artist probably has lots of colours of this: Paint

A teacher has plenty of these for students to write with: Pencils

A fashion designer might make this for a celebrity: Dress

This person brings your food in a restaurant: Waiter

Firfighters wear this to protect their head: Helmet


Finally done with crossword four. These are getting pretty tough.

Binweevils crossword answers level 5 – General Crossword


First lets begin with the “Across” section from the top – 

This bird can be trained to talk: Parrot

When it freezes, water turns into this: Ice

If it’s raining, bring this along: Umbrella

It hangs on the wall and tells you which day it is: Calendar

A caterpillar will eventually turn into this: Butterfly

This grows on palm trees. Don’t let one fall on your head: Coconut

Solar panels collect this to produce energy: Sunlight

Now let’s do the “Down” section starting at the top – 

The first meal of the day: Breakfast

These tiny creatures love cheese: Mice

Re-using plastic or paper to make new things is called this: Recycling

It has two wheels and two pedals: Bicycle

This shape has three sides: Triangle

You use this body part to smell: Nose

An accessory you can wear on your finger: Ring

Before a big exam you should do this: Study


Crossword five is complete! Let’s go to number six. Are you keeping up?

Binweevils crossword answers level 6 – Music Mania


From the top of “Across” – 

The words to a song are called this: Lyrics

Someone who really likes a band or celebrity is called this: Fan

The bands’ lead singer sings into this: Microphone

A signature from someone famous: Autograph

The band stands up on this when they preform: Stage

Another word for a really famous person: Celebrity

A bright light that shines on the band from above: Spotlight

You need to buy one of these to attend a show: Ticket

Let’snow get to the “Down” section starting at the top – 

Another word for a show where a band plays music: Concert

The drummer uses these to play the drums: Drumsticks

Great music can make you want to do this: Dance

Another word for rehearse: Practice

A collection of songs released together is also called this: Album

A long car that is often used by celebrities: Limo

This stringed instrument features in most bands: Guitar


That was all the answers to crossword six! How did you do?

Binweevils crossword answers level 7 – General Crossword


Starting with the “Across” words from the very top – 

Another word for clever: Smart

Birds use these to fly: Wings

A place where you can see lots of animals: Zoo

To look for something is to: Search

If you remember things well, you have a great: Memory

This slimy creature moves very slowly and wears a curly shell: Snail

Pirates often bury this: Treasure

Fruit that has just been picked is: Fresh

Another word for terrible: Awful

If you are fortunate, it means you have good: Luck

The opposite of lower: Upper

Now for the “Down” words form the top – 

If you are being honest you are telling the: Truth

You can add this to your tea to make it sweet: Sugar

Bees live inside this: Hive

To get from one room to another, you go through this: Door

A shape with four equal sides: Square

Another word for competition: Contest

Another word for error: Mistake

It hangs on the wall and tells the time: Clock

Another word for glad: Happy

To put a gift into pretty paper: Wrap

A key fits into this: Lock


Crossword seven is now complete! Let’s keep going.

Binweevils crossword answers level 8 – Pets


Starting with the “Across” words from the very top –

Cats scratch on a post to sharpen these: Claws

With patience, you can teach some pets lots of these: Tricks

Always make sure your pets have enough food and: Water

This special doctor takes care of pets: Veterinarian

A pet bird usually lives in this: Cage

What do you call a baby cat: Kitten

This goes around a pets neck to hold their ID tags: Collar

When cats are happy, they make this low rumbling noise: Purr

Now let’s get to the “Down” words from the top – 

This small pet loves to run on a wheel: Hamster

All cats have these long hairs sticking our from their face: Whiskers

A clever pet might chase and fetch this: Ball

Dog chew on toys and bones to keep these healthy: Teeth

It’s long and bendy, and cats sometimes chase their own: Tail

Rabbits love to nibble on this veggie: Carrot

You usually clip this on when you take your dog for a walk: Leash


Crossword eight was pretty easy wouldn’t you say!? Let me know how you did in the comments below.

Binweevils crossword answers level 9 – Around the Binscape


We will start with the “Across” words from the top – 

This wacky Scientist invented the daily brain strain: Lab

This mega-rich bin Weevil lives in a palace: Dosh

You’ll find these growing at Flum’s Fountain: Mushrooms

This Bin Weevil runs the Haggle Hut: Nab

What does Tink’s Tree like to eat: Flies

This reporter writes Weevil Weekly: Scribbles

This number appears on the side of Lab’s Lab: Eight

This huge shop is next to Bin Mart in the Shopping Mall: Nestco

Now let’s get to the “Down” words starting at the top – 

You need this to pay for food at Figg’s Cafe: Mulch

The best place to race against your buddies: Dirtvalley

The XP bubbles at Club Fling are this colour: Pink

Bin Pets are very good at this skill: Juggling

Jumping on the catapults in front of Castle Gam flings this around: Slime

Stamp this every day in your nest to earn prizes: Bincard

If you impress the Nest Inspector, you could win this: Trophy


There are all the answers for crossword nine! I hope it helped you out!

Binweevils crossword answers level 10 – Science Rocks

Binweevils Science Rocks Answers

Lets start with the “Across” words from the top – 

This object sticks to Metallic Surfaces: Magnet

What makes things fall when you drop them: Gravity

Test tubes are made from this clear, breakable material: Glass

The place where a scientist works: Laboratory

A lab coat is usually this color: White

You use this body part to think: Brain

This long rectangular tool is used to measure things: Ruler

Another word for poisonous: Toxic

Now for the “Down” words starting from the top – 

Another word for the information a scientist gathers: Data

Someone who is very, very smart is called this: Genius

You can look at faraway stars with this: Telescope

Wear these to protect your eyes when you’re experimenting:  Goggles

At school, this person helps you learn: Teacher

Write your observations down in this: Notebook

All the planets orbit around this: Sun

Binweevils crossword answers Level 12 – Summer Fun

We will start with the across words first.

A sandy strip besides the seas: Beach

You can see your toes when you wear these shoes: Sandals

A long walk through the country or wilderness: Hike

A popular summer drink: Lemonade

Always wear sunscreen to avoid this: Sunburn

A type of bird often found at the seaside: Seagull

Put cubes of this in your drink to cool it off: Ice

A spot that isn’t in the sun is in this: Shade

A sport in which you ride the waves on a board: Surfing

Now the words that are straight down starting from the top.

Fill this with water or use it to play in the sand: Bucket

A small palace you build on the seashore: Sandcastle

You can do this in a pool, in the sea or in a like: Swim

You can sleep in this if you go camping: Tent

You can lie on this or use it to dry off: Towel

This insect glows in the dark: Firefly

People often cook these on the grill or BBQ in the summer: Burgers

A green space in the city where you can walk or play: Park

This month comes before August: July

The sound you make when you jump in the water: Splash

When you eat lunch outside on a blanket, its called this: Picnic


That is all of the Binweevils Crossword Answers for now! When the game comes out with another I will be sure to get the answers up for you! Thank you and do not forget to follow me on Twitter!

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