Binweevils Codes May 2015

Hey guys, so here is what you have all been waiting for, some new Binweevils codes for the month of May 2015.

These codes are all new so they should all work when you type them in. Remember, you can only use these codes once per account so don’t try to keep typing in the same code because it won’t work.

If you are looking for more Binweevils codes you can always read the latest issue on Binweevils.

Binweevils Codes May 2015

The first code is FIGG2612. This Binweevils code will give you a whopping 1000 Mulch to spend on any items you want! You have to use this code by May 17th 2015 so hurry.

The next code is JUNGLE56.

The third Binweevils code we want to share with you is BESTNEST160DOSH.

If you type in BESTNEST18DOSH you will get yet another Binweevils code to use.

So far this is the list of the new codes that you can use in May 2015. We will add some more to this list as the month continues.

We hope you enjoy using these codes as much as we do.

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