Binweevils Codes April 2014

Hello again everyone. So Earth Day is today and that means all of us get a free Binweevils code to use. Right now there is only one new code for the month of April but I will even take that.

This code unlocks a cool prize that you can put in your very own nest. To use the code click on the “Secret Code” button below the playing screen.

This is a new feature that Binweevils just came out with to make it easier to access the Binweevils code generator.

Binweevils Codes April 2014

This will take you to the place where you can type your code in. The code to use is EARTHDAY2014.

You can only use this once per account like all the other codes. We won’t tell you what the code unlocks but you can find that out yourself by heading over to Binweevils and typing the code in. Don’t forget to look in your nest to see what you just got for free.

We hope you enjoy using this code. What did you get? Let us know what you got by typing this code in by leaving a comment below.

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