Binweevils Codes 2014

Everyone has been asking for new codes so we have provided a couple new Binweevils codes 2014 for all of you Binweevils players out there. These new codes can be used to unlock some new cool items for your nest.
Binweevils does not put out a lot of codes; however, when they do it is worth it to use them. To enter the codes just head over to the Binweevils website and click on the Lab’s Lab area of the city.

BinWeevils Codes 2014

Updated On July 12th


Updated On June 6th


Updated On May 23rd


Updated On May 19th

BLUEHITECH – 300 Mulch

Updated On May 14th

291840645570 – 300 Mulch

Updated On May 3rd

CDALIGHTSON – Rare nest item

Updated On February 10th

EMPOWER – A Safer Internet Day Wallpaper Nest Item

534743 – Rare Nest Item

Updated On February 9th

223026182946 – 300 Mulch

Updated On February 6th

283229323430 – Apple Pie Nest Item, YUM!

The first new Binweevils code 2014 is TINKNCLOTTROCK14. With this new code you will get a cool looking Binweevils characters 2014 wallpaper that you can put up in your nest. This will get rid of your old normal looking nest and create a new look for you. How cool is that?

binweevils codes 2014 poster

The second code for 2014 is MAGELTSACYORTSED. This mystery code unlocks a unique replica of Weevil S’s gun. If you have played the mission then you know what the gun looks like. The gun has been made into a cool looking original floor lamp in which you can decorate your bin nest with it.

binweevils codes 2014

These are the new Binweevils codes 2014 that we have listed so far. Make sure to check back often as we are always updating this page with new codes. If you have a Binweevils code that you would like to share with us pleases leave a comment below. We will add the code tot his page to share with all of our visitors.

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  1. weevil2889 says:

    these are awsome

  2. Fluttershy2020 says:

    Could you add 2013 codes also? Like recent 2013 ones that work? Good job on website, Binweevils is a great game!

  3. lily-may smyth says:

    give away more binweevils 2014 codes

  4. they did a great job doing this i like it

  5. josh says:

    i like your binweevils yiodes

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    wow great job at those codes

  7. brookerosewarne says:

    love you binweevils

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