Binweevils Cheats, Secrets & Tips

Get all your Binweevils cheats and tips right here. These cheats will allow you to do many exciting things in the game of Binweevils. Note that these are not the Binweevils cheats codes that often come out. If you are looking for Binweevils codes than take a look at our codes page.

These cheats and tips are here to help you out with different objectives or to have fun teasing your other Binweevils friends during the game. We hope you enjoy these. To get all the Binweevils cheats and tips take a look below!

Binweevils Cheats and Tips

Dosh’s Palace Cheat – The Dosh’s palace cheat allows you to change the look of the Dosh Palace by clicking a few rubies on the outside of it. To learn how to do this cheat check out the Dosh’s Palace cheat!

Dirt Valley Binweevils Cheat – Have you ever wanted to keep racing and not have to wait in line for a new race because another Binweevil got there before you did. If you want to budge in line and kick the other binweevil out of the car than check out the Dirt Valley Binweevils cheat!

binweevils cheats

Daily Brain Strain Cheat – Are you not scoring as well as you thought you should on the daily brain stain then use this Binweevils cheat to exit out of it and try again without it counting against your score.

How To get Nest Rating Up

To get your nest rating up can be easy if you know what you are doing. You need to first decorate your nest with the best products possible so it looks good. The next part is what helps get your Binweevils Nest rating up. Take a look to see how you can get your Nest rating up.

Best way to get FREE Mulch and XP

The best way to get free Mulch is to participate in the daily challenge that Binweevils allows you to do. Depending on how well you do on these daily challenges, you can get up to 500 free mulch at a time to spend on items in Binweevils. You can also plant harvesting seeds to get Mulch and XP. Be careful when you plant seeds though because if you don’t harvest them in time they will die and then you will lose money. If you plant the rare seeds you can get more Mulch and XP as well.

Make sure to check back often as we are always updating this site with new Binweevils cheats and tips. If you have any other tips that you would like to share with us we invite you to leave a comment below to share with our visitors. Have fun using these cheats and tips and enjoy playing Binweevils.

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