Binweevils and PayPoint Origami Competition

Today is the start of a fun and new competition called the Binweevils and PayPoint Origami competition.

To win the competition on Binweevils you have to send in a picture of your best origami creation. If you head over to Binweevils you can print out three templates that show you how to create a boat, the Classic Crane and a Bug.

binweevils orgiami

However, don’t just stop there! If you think you can create something even better then do it! If you want to win the Binweevils and PayPoint Origami Competition then you should try to create something different and harder.

If you win the origami competition, Binweevils will share your Origami creation on the “What’s New Blog”! To get started, head over to Binweevils and print out the three origami templates.

Once you can complete all three of these designs try to find another hard one on the internet to create. The harder it is the more likely you are to win the Binweevils and PayPoint Origami Competition.

So what are you guys going to create? Let us know what you created and sent in by leaving us a comment below. Good luck to all who choose to participate.

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