Binweevils Advent Calandar

The Binweevils Advent Calandar is a new feature that showed up on Binweevils on the latest game update.

This is a fun way for Binweevils players to sign in and get some free items including dosh and mulch coins.

The Binweevils Advent Calendar can be accessed from your very own nest. When you are in your nest you should see a calendar looking thing hanging from the top right. You will also see Christmas lights wrapped around it that are blinking.

binweevils advent calandar

Click on the calendar to open up each day box. If you are a member you can click on any box from present to the past; however, if you are not a member then you can only click on the present box to open it.

Each box you open will have a unique prize anywhere from a nest item, garden item, free dosh coins or mulch coins.

binweevils advent calandar look

This month’s Binweevils Advent Calendar holds 15 exclusive nest items, 2 exclusive garden items, 100 dosh coins, 3000 mulch and 300 xp. This Advent calendar ends on the 5th of January so make sure you take full advantage of it to get free stuff.

If you are not a member check out how to become a Binweevils member here to get all the access to all the game features.

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