Bin Mystery Following The Trail

Scribbles is missing and Bin Weevils needs your help to find him.  He was lasted spotted at the Club Fling VIP party before disappearing.

We don’t know much but we do know that he asked Posh to watch his Bin Pet and then asked Flam to take him to Mulch Island.¬†However, we don’t know where he went after that.

bin mystery following the trail

Tink and Clott flew over to Mulch Island to investigate and found out that Blem gave him a ride on the boat to the next island over. Blem told Tink and Clott that he believes Scribbles was searching for something.

What do you think he was searching for? Where do you think he has gone? To enter into the Bin Mystery Following The Trail head over to Bin Weevils.

You have to draw a picture of what you think happened and then scan your picture and email it to the Bin Weevils website. Good luck!

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