Plants Grow Twice as Fast In July

Welcome to the month of July Binweevils fans! Did you know that plants grow faster in July meaning you can get way more XP and Mulch than all other months.

The sun is out all around the Binscape and the plants in your garden can’t seem to get enough of it.

Because of the heatwave that has been hanging around plants grow twice as fast throughout the entire month of July. There is no extra responsibilities from you, all you need to do is plant away and wait for the plants to grow and harvest them.

Remember, you get to collect XP and Mulch by harvesting plants so this is a good way to earn a lot of that.

Do you have any tips for gardening that you would like to share with all of us? If so, then please leave a comment below.

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Binweevils Codes July 2015

Its getting to be the end of the month which means the new Binweevils codes for July 2015 are here.

We love receiving new codes and passing them on to you for all of you to use. Binweevils codes are great to use to get free items such as nest items, Dosh, XP and even Mulch.

Well, lets take a look at this new list of codes shall we!

Binweevils Codes July 2015

The first code will give you 60 free dosh but you have to act fast because it expires during this month. The code is 60DOSHCOINS.

The next Binweevils code on the list is 48Dosh and this will give you your very own Flip Poster to hang in your nest.

The third code to share with you is Marleywoobn145 and this will give you a whooping 350 Mulch.

So you still want some more Binweevils codes? Alright, the next one is 155310GYM and this will unlock a bin pet toy worth two Dosh.

Well, so far this is the list of the new Binweevils codes for July 2015. Make sure to check back as we are always updating this website with new codes.

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Meet Gong and His New Bin Pet

Hello everyone, all of us at Binweevils World wanted to let you know that you can Meet Gong and his newly named pet this Thursday June 25th at 5:00 PM.

Gong is one of the most popular Weevils on Binweevils and you can finally meet him and his pet.

He will be at the Rigg’s Movie Multiplex found in the heart of the Binweevils map. Show up at 5:PM on Thursday and you won’t miss him.

binweevils gong

As of right now, he does not have a name for his new bin pet and is asking all of you to help vote for a new name.

If you want to help decide his pet’s name and want to vote, head over to Binweevils website and cast your vote.

There is a list of 10 different names that you can choose from but you can only vote for one name.

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Binweevils Codes June 2015

Are you just as excited as we are with the new Binweevils June Codes for 2015? I sure hope so because we have the list of new codes below.

These new Binweevil codes will help you get Dosh, Mulch, XP and even free nest items, how cool is that?

Similar to all the other codes we send out to all of you Weevils, you can only type each code in the code generator once.

Binweevils Codes June 2015

Alright, Weevils lets get started shall we. Listed below are the codes, but we won’t tell you what they are for. You will have to find that our for yourselves by typing them in one at a time.

The first code that we want to reveal is 3257LPS. This is a code that was just recently released and we know you will enjoy it.

The next code to give you Weevils is FANCY35. Though it originally comes from looking at a window, we highly doubt thats what it is. Who knows, maybe its some free Dosh!

Make sure to check back every week as we will be updating this page throughout the month for the new codes.

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New Rigg’s Movie Multiplex

Hey there Weevils, this is TopDog360 from Binweevils and we have great news for all of you today.

June is packed with a bunch of new stuff but one of the biggest things is the new Binweevils Rigg’s Movie Multiplex theater.

riggs movie multiplex

This is one of the biggest new features added to Binweevils since the changing of the new look a couple months ago.

When you go to Rigg’s Movie Multiplex you have several options of what you can do. You can either watch TV shows, shop for Home Cinema items and can even collect your earnings at the Cash Machine.

It sounds like a lot of fun and will surely be a place where there will be a bunch of Weevils hanging out and playing.

We hope to see all of you there and don’t forget to add us to your friends list when you see us. We love meeting new Weevils!

From TopDog360

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