Binweevils Jack O Lantern Hunt Cheats

Here are the Binweevils Jack O Lantern Hunt cheats to help you find all five pumpkins. Each pumpkin unlocks a free Plushi that you can hang on the wall in one of your rooms in the Nest. This Binweevils hunt shouldn’t take you very long as long as you follow our walkthrough cheats guide. This should only take a couple minutes and then you will get your free prizes. Let’s get started shall we! Binweevils Jack O Lantern Hunt Cheats You can get the clues by clicking on the individual pumpkins. The first clue for the first pumpkin is “Where can you shop til you drop?” Well that’s easy right! Head on over to the shopping mall and you will see the Jack O Lantern laying right next to the ATM. The second clue for the second pumpkin is “Where can you read Best Nest, while also having a rest?” … Continue reading

New Binweevils Codes 2016

Hi guys, we have new Binweevils codes 2016 for all of you to use in the game. Binweevils codes are a great way to unlock unique items within the game including, nest items, XP, Mulch and even Dosh. Throughout the year Binweevils releases codes to us in which we can pass them on to you. We hope you enjoy using these new codes. Make sure to check back every week as we will keep updating this page with new codes during the year. Binweevils Codes 2016 To unlock the codes you must go to the Binweevils website and head over to the codes generator. There you can type each code in one by one in hopes to get a free prize. If the code is valid and or you spelled it correctly then a unique prize will be added to your profile. If it says the code doesn’t work then … Continue reading

Binweevils Pirate Week 2015

The Binweevils Pirate week is coming up once again and starts Wednesday September 16th. This is a great place to party and hang out with other Weevils that are celebrating Pirates. Throughout this week there will be new Pirate Nest Items, Pirate Xp Postions, special hat offers for plus a new Pirate Beach Party. There is also a rumor going around that there will be a lot more other fun stuff as well so you don’t want to miss the Pirate week on Binweevils. Next week is packed with a bunch of fun stuff so make sure to login to your account and check it out. by by

Summer Fair Update New Prizes and Games

Yes, finally the Binweevils Summer Fair has been updated with new prizes and games. The biggest update is that the Funhouse Entrance is now open for everyone! There is so much to do in the Funhouse that you will not be disappointed when you walk out. You can play in the maze, Black & White, Water Park and even the Upside Down part of it. Also, the Claw Machine now has the new Plushies prizes added to it. So now you can try to collect all 26 prizes. In addition, there are also more prizes added to the Prize Hut. Make sure to earn your tokens by playing the different games to get your free prizes. Good luck at the Binweevils Summer Fair everyone and we hope you have a ton of fun winning tokens and getting free prizes. by by

New Summer Fair Claw Machine Prizes Coming Soon

The Claw Machine on Binweevils found in the Summer Fair is one of the most popular games to earn cool prizes. Well, it has gotten even better now because Binweevils is adding more prizes to the fun game. The rumor came from Gott himself and he said that the Claw Machine is due for some new collectible plush toys! There are a total of 26 plushies that you can collect, so that means that another 10 new ones will be available soon. Gott is talking mad smack and says he will collect them all before any of you guys will. I guess we will have to see about that. Let us know how many you have already collected by leaving a comment below! Good luck my friends and have fun collecting the new Binweevils Plushies on the Claw Machine. by by